Who Are The Evangenitals?

The Evangenitals. Photo Greg Cohen.

What the hell kind of church service is this?” the LA Weekly once asked of an Evangenitals live performance. 

The Avant-Americana 9 piece sound more like they hail from a rural Appalachian psychedelic dream than Los Angeles, which can be credited to in part to Juli Crockett’s vocals and Zappa-esque sensibility. Unburdened by genres, the band was founded in 2003 by playwright/director Crockett and opera, jazz and gospel singer, originally as a joke, but they were too damn good to not take seriously.

“The female harmonies between Juli Crockett and Lisa Dee are like the Andrews Sisters re-imagined as tragic mermaids,” said LA Record. 

The Alt-Country band have recorded 4 albums, including Moby Dick: or, The Album (Fluff and Gravy 2014), which No Depression described as “manic, diverse, unusual and creative songwriting and delivery at its best.”

They’ve played all over the world, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Lightning In A Bottle and The Melissa Ethridge Cruise. 

Joining Crockett on guitar is her husband, Michael Feldman (Cousin Junebug), on keys, Joey Maramba (John Cale) on bass, Andrea Baker (The Moth Mainstage) on fiddle, Cody Farwell (Goodnight Cody) on guitar/lap steel, Danny Graziani (DoSomething) on viola, electric mandolin and harmonica, and Rob Shaffer (Ninja Academy) and Nick Stone (Pixarmonic Orchestra) on drums and percussion.

Juli Crockett. Lead singer. Rhythm guitar. Reverend. Photo by Guillermo Prieto.

Joey "Fried Rice" Maramba. All about that Bass. Photo mash by Michael Feldman.

Danny Graziani. Fiddle. Viola. Harmonicas. Mando. We call him White Lightning. Photo by JC Penny's.

Cody Farwell, aka Goodnight Cody. Guitars, Straight Steel. Sometimes Bass. Always Sassy.

Daniel Mark does not play the Banjo. He’s a Mando Man. Photo by JC Penny's.

Lisa Dee. Vocals and Percussion. Sassy lady. Photo by Guillermo Prieto.

Andrea Baker. Fiddle and/or Violin. Depending on her mood. Photo by Gen Max.

Michael Feldman. Keyboards, Mix Master, Big Daddy.

Robert Shaffer. Drums. Percussion. Ninja.

Nick Stone. Drums and Percussion. Pitched Percussion. Photo by Sheldon Botler.

Frame from Turbulent Flow music video. Dir. Sofia Garza-Barba.